First Review of Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith

I think the review by Jonathan Lomas in Thinking Faith may be the first published review of the book I co-edited with Andrew Crome, Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith. The review provides a great overview of the book. Here’s the conclusion:

As co-editor James F. McGrath notes, ‘One can readily discuss very serious topics related to religion using Doctor Who as a jumping off point’, and by dipping in and out of these scholarly essays many fans of the show will certainly find an extra dimension to their enjoyment of it.Doctor Who is an established part of our popular culture and, like a former Jesuit colleague, I can appreciate how inner city students today might more easily connect with Christian thinking through an allusion to how a Tardis might be bigger on the inside than the outside, than by trying to figure out the parable of the mustard seed. Most of my students assume mustard only comes in jars…

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