Worst Sidekick Ever

From the Daily Kos. To be fair, there is only so much that one can blame on sidekicks. Clearly one's concept of God must by definition be wrong, if it is incompatible with the fact there are people who say and do the exact opposite to the themselves, who also genuinely believe that they are God's appointed crime-fighting partners.


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  • $51751848

    Sigh…how do these people not realize that conservatives oppose higher taxes because, from their perspective, it is lower taxes and fewer stifling regulations that would help the poor most in the long run? I highly recommend a Feedly subscription to Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

    Also, what definition of God is incompatible with some people having sincerely held but mistaken ideas of Him?

    • TrevorN

      Perhaps it is because – from the perspective of anyone who is not living in a fact-free zone – there is zero proof that lower taxes and fewer regulations have ever helped the poor compared to the rich. The sum of an infinite series of short term gains for the wealthy is not (and will never be) a long term gain for the poor.

      • $51751848

        ‘Fact-free’ zone? You don’t think conservative and libertarian economists are aware of research on the impacts of regulation and taxation?

        • Raymond

          I dont think your second queston says what you want it to say…

          • markmatson

            Maybe he does, but just doesn’t know it…?

  • http://againstjebelallawz.wordpress.com/ Enopoletus Harding

    If many American Christians are bad sidekicks, many Muslims are much worse than all but a miniscule percentage of American Christians:
    You really should follow this account.