Google Glass in Class

I have the opportunity to be one of the Google Glass Explorers and try out this new technology early. As someone who teaches information literacy skills, I’m very interested in seeing how it might or might not integrate into classroom use – whether by the professor alone, or at some point when most people have something similar. I’m trying to decide whether to take the plunge.

One potential hiccup I can already foresee is that the introductory voice command appears to be “OK, Glass.” I wonder whether it will activate every time an educator says “OK, class…” I also wonder what will happen to these devices that respond to voice commands when everyone has them. When one person talks to Siri (which I don’t currently use), do the devices of those around them sometimes respond? I am also wondering about the use of Google Glass as someone who wears prescription glasses. Will the current version fit nicely over already existing frames, or will I need to get prescription lenses for the Google Glass?

I remember viewing the iPad initially as something that might be nice but probably isn’t essential. Now I can scarcely imagine my daily routine without it. I wonder whether Google Glass will be similar or the opposite. Perhaps we’ll even discover that it works particularly well for online learning, and come to talk about “glassrooms” as well as classrooms. But perhaps what others design will end up being better than Google’s version? If so, it might be worth waiting rather than being a very early adopter this time around.

What do others think?

Below is a video showing the interface as it looks to the one wearing it.
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