Uploaded to the Cloud

This cartoon came to my attention via Facebook. I’ve long observed that the terminology we use for our files and information parallels the language some Christians use about the afterlife: “saved” and “lost.” And so I can readily see a technological metaphor catching on in reciprocal fashion. But is uploading the same thing as continuing to exist? Would that be you or a copy? The same philosophical issues confront both belief in resurrection and the hope to upload one’s mind into a machine and live on that way.

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  • https://www.nmadore.com Nancy Madore

    I love it!

  • http://theoperspectives.blogspot.com/ James Goetz

    I suppose heaven is more like “Uploaded to Cloud 9” :-)

  • arcseconds

    This is offtopic, but pretty important.

    Sometime yesterday I started seeing another commenter’s picture beside the ‘join the discussion’ comment box, the one you use when you’re posting a top-level comment. I thought this was just some odd bug, possibly some strange positioning issue, until I came to post a comment just a few moments ago, and discovered I was logged in as them. It seemed as though I could do whatever I liked as them, but I didn’t try and logged out immediately.

    Obviously this is a pretty significant privacy/security breach.

    I’ve altered disqus and the commenter.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      Wow, that is odd indeed! Since you have let Disqus know, I’m not sure there is anything further I can add, but please do keep me posted on any new developments!

      • arcseconds

        Might be a good time for everyone to check their email they’ve registered with disqus is up to date, in case they need to get their password reset.

        • Gary

          First, my hard drive is corrupted.
          Second, this may mean the wrong soul gets uploaded into the cloud.

  • TrevorN

    “Donna Noble has been saved”

    • http://selfawarepatterns.com/ SelfAwarePatterns

      And River Song remains so, assuming she didn’t return as Tasha Lem.

      • http://theoperspectives.blogspot.com/ James Goetz

        And Clara experienced salvation from the energy sucking Wi-Fi cloud….