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Banished from the Heavenly Boardroom
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Banished from the Heavenly Boardroom
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  • Readin’ the ‘Verse!
    Reason’s not a curse!
    Into science immerse!
    Subject matter diverse!

    I’m not sure whether to set that to bluegrass or rap. Maybe hick hop? What can you do on the piano, Dr. McGrath? 😉

  • R Vogel

    No, no, no, science is simply a vast conspiracy aimed at eliminating religion and morality!

  • Doug

    But that cartoon implies the same opposition, only between Bible and scientific achievement, whereas Francis Collins (to note one prominent example) would be on both sides of “having this book” and “mapping the genome”

    • Indeed! While I think the cartoon rightly addresses the claim of young-earth creationists to have in the Bible something that offers modern science or its equivalent, there is no reason why one cannot be in the left hand doing scientific research in the bottom panel, and also have the book.