More Reflections After #HamOnNye

There has been more discussion of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham since I posted my round-up earlier today. And so here is more!

Christian pastor Glenn Packiam compares Genesis to other ancient creation accounts. Biologos presents how pre-modern interpreters understood Genesis.

The Lead explores what Bill Nye got wrong.

Benjamin Corey discusses the detrimental influence of Ken Ham on Christianity, and Pat Robertson's warning to Ken Ham not to “make a joke of ourselves” (which Hemant Mehta also mentioned, adding that the debate was a net win for science).

Otagosh suspects that Ken Ham will actually lose money on the debate.

Jim Kidder posted his thoughts, based on detailed notes he took

Jerry Coyne specifies exactly what those Buzzfeed images get wrong. Matthew Magnani also blogged about it.

Scott Hoezee suggests that the debate makes pastors' work harder.

Christian Piatt says that the debate does not reflect reality.

The Slate (more than once, including an article by Phil Plait), the Boston Herald, and LiveScience feature articles on the debate.

Dan Wilkinson offers a 40-second version of the debate.

And more from Steve Thorngate, Morgan Guyton, and Allen Clifton


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  • Thanks for the mention!

  • texcee

    Okay, I think Ken Ham has had his 15 minutes of fame. Now, let’s let him crawl back under the rock from whence he came.