Inspired by the Flood Story

The above featurette about the making of the ark for the upcoming movie Noah has gotten me much more excited about the movie than I was before. It is not the first adaptation of the flood story to take creative license. That is, in actual fact, what the Bible’s flood story did with earlier versions. And it is what the Book of Jubilees and 1 Enoch (among others) do with the Bible’s story.

Anyone who is shocked at the notion of reworking this story needs to learn more about the Biblical story’s prehistory and subsequent history of interpretation.

Are you looking forward to the new Noah movie? Did the video in this post get you looking forward to it more?

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  • Beau Quilter

    I have to admit, my first reaction was “Oh great. More creation museum propaganda.”

    But then, when Ken Ham went on record to say that the film would “do more harm than good,” I realized that this film was not so much pseudo-science propaganda as it is simply another Hollywood take on an epic mythological story – I have not problem with that! I bet it’ll be fun!

    Hamster doesn’t realize that his thumbs down serves to recommend instead of detract.

  • Psycho Gecko

    *puts on his hipster glasses*

    I prefer the Sumerian version, not this Biblical version where the Flood myth sold out.

  • Gary

    I hope to see Nephilim floating around. After all, they are the reason for the season (wet). Seriously, if 3D, I’ll see it. Special effects look good.

  • David_Evans

    To hear some people talk, you would think that such a concentration of Hollywood types would practically guarantee a tsunami. No special effects needed.

  • Dave Burke

    I saw this movie last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve since written a review, which can be read and downloaded here: