Internet Ethics

Christian Brady shared the above Bizarro cartoon. There are a number of important topics it gets at. One is the simple fact that some think the Bible contains material that looks ahead to later science and technology, and yet the evidence does not support this. But another is that, for those of us who appreciate some of the principles in the Bible rather than thinking that it directly addresses our time and concerns, it is ironic how rarely those principles get applied to behavior on the internet. Is it really that hard to deduce that you should treat others as you would want to be treated, even if you and they are not speaking face to face and are hiding behind nicknames online? Is it really that hard to transfer to Google results the Bible’s statements about discernment and the need to cross-examine someone who presents their case?

If we did get some extra commandments to cover ethics in the internet era, what do you think they ought to say?

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  • Censored

    I. I am the Lord thy Mod.
    II. Thou shalt have no other mods before thee.

  • Wojtek Krzyzosiak

    Thou shalt remember that thou art communicating with fellow humans.