Joel Osteen 2:25?

Via Zack Hunt on Facebook. Not sure what happened here, but the first panel is definitely not even a paraphrase of Joel 2:25. But it is a real meme – I found the “quote” online. Does it sound like it might be from a different Joel?


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  • Michael Wilson

    Its an interesting reimagining of the verse, an interpretation. I can see how ge got it. The original conveys the same point, God, that is reality, will repay those that trust it will repay. Its an upbeat message. I understand some might say that many will never be made whole after the disasters they’ve suffered, but I see nothing wrong with a faith that justice will be done. The original doesn’t really click with people that aren’t personally affiliated with the tragedy of a locust swarm.

    I do disagree with those that expect that they will see justice done in their lives and in material form. Of couse many faithfull people will die after losing all they love. But I think one can still take meaning from this sentiment if we live beyond our selves and say “I trust that goodness will prevail one day for future generations, and I delite in their happiness and get joy from knowing I contributed to their fulfilment.”

  • arcseconds

    maybe it got this way because someone was citing Joel 2:25 as evidence that ‘God can restore what is broken’ is correct, and somehow it mutated from a citation to an attribution, if you see what I mean?

    • James F. McGrath

      That is certainly possible. My preferred hypothesis is that someone directed someone else to a video of Joel Osteen, encouraging them to listen from the 2:25 mark, and somehow that got turned into Joel 2:25. :-)

  • Gavin

    Did you check the LXX?

    • Ignorantia Nescia

      kai antapodôsô humin anti tôn etôn hôn katephagen hê akris kai ho broukhos kai hê erusibê kai hê kampê
      (hê dunamis mou hê megalê hên exapesteila eis humas)

      It is no perfect match, but it is reasonably accurate for the LXX and resembles the actual verse. So I think the translators didn’t cite Joel Osteen either.

      It looks like the meme originated from Pinterest.