Was Jesus Sold for Drug Money?

The short answer to the question in the title of this post is almost certainly “no.” But it still seemed worth sharing the news article that came to my attention, claiming that an archaeologist has found the tomb of Judas, and in it, a pipe with traces of cannabis resin.

I suspect that this may be an article someone was saving for April 1st but accidentally published too soon…



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  • Danny Yencich

    World News Daily Report is also reporting that Indonesia’s Horned BeastMan was captured. Wow – what an exciting day for news!!

  • Just Sayin’

    Just wait till Simcha Jacobivici and James Tabor get hold of this! Another mega $$$ earner for them!

  • Allen Black

    Does this relate to the following April 1 post from last year?

    • Perhaps. Another possibility would seem to be that a tourist was caught with a pipe with traces of drugs on it, and he made up a story to try to suggest that he “found” it…

  • It wasn’t a potter’s field. It was a pot field!

    • Of course – it all makes sense now! Perhaps when Judas handed Jesus over, he had understood that he would get stoned rather than crucified, and it didn’t sound too bad…

  • sbh

    Judas Iscariot I remember, and his father Simon, but his brother Joshua I don’t recall.

  • John Allegro, is that you? 😉