Welcome to Heaven/Hell, Fred Phelps

I've heard it suggested on more than one occasion that heaven and hell are the same place, and the difference is the attitude of the individual to the experiences and surroundings there. This cartoon, which was shared by Kissing Fish on Facebook, seems to envisage something along those lines.
Although you have to wonder what Adam and Steve did that was so terrible that their punishment is having Fred Phelps as a roommate…


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  • Michael Wilson

    Good stuff James. I have pondered this a number of times, if one derives their happiness from making others miserable, how would they feel in a place where every one is happy and nobody can be hurt? I have also thought about this in a hypothetical situation where someone found a “cure” for sociopathy. A sociopath would of course think that such a cure was a horrendous torture because the last thing they would ever want is to feel compassion for the others that they regard as worthless.

  • Worthless Beast

    Found this randomly…

    Maybe Adam and Steve aren’t being punished. Maybe they are just such sweet, patient people that they can put up with and deal gently with Phelps until things start changing for him.