Another Bible in the Wall

David Hayward’s cartoon which I’ve shared above illustrates one of the ways that people use the Bible. The Bible, of course, includes plenty of material for dividing and separating people. But it also includes a lot of dynamite for busting holes in such walls and knocking them down altogether.

What you choose to use this collection of human writings for says more about you than it does about the collection of writings itself.

On a related note, after seeing the mash-up of Mad World and Hosanna on the blog Prophets and Pop Stars, I’ve been thinking about ways to bring individual “secular” and “religious” songs together, whether through mashing of two or through reworking of one. Obviously it would be possible to do the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall” as part of that, and since it is echoed in David’s post, it made me think of this topic I had been hoping to blog about. Any other suggestions for mash-ups?

Please note that I’m interested in such mash-ups because they are interesting musically, as well as for the purpose of reflecting on points of intersection between church and other things. We’re not trying to be this church:
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