Deeper Christian Faith

Crystal St. Marie Lewis wrote a post about her experience as a liberal Christian. Here is a sample:

The “Why Jesus?” and “Why Christianity?” questions are seemingly based on the assumption that Christianity has no redeeming qualities once one has ventured outside the traditional sphere– but this has not been my experience. For instance, the gospels gained a greater element of depth for me when I realized how much of them could be interpreted as loaded metaphor. Similarly, the person of Jesus became an object of fascination for me after learning about the power of the Logos in ancient philosophy, and about the manner in which Jesus himself was used an object of metaphor for gospel writers.

The expectation seems to be that the journey into liberalism will ultimately lead to something other than a deepened expression of the Christian faith. While this may be true for some, we must remember that it is not the case for all of us. Liberal Christianity can lead us into a prolonged dance in the wondrous tension of faith and reason… of mysticism and traditionalism… of belief and doubt, all while incorporating the influence of scripture and tradition. An embrace of reason, history, context and controversy will not necessarily lead to the end of faith. For many of us, these places of tension are only the beautiful beginning.

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  • Adam Crowl

    Liberal seems to be one of those slippery slope categories that dichotomisers love so well (well, love to hate with a passion).