May Contain Nuts and BS

Jim Linville mentioned on his blog that he has had a paper accepted for the Blogger and Online Publication session at next November’s annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The title is:

May Contain Nuts and B.S. (Biblical Studies): The Politics of Academic Legitimacy Online and the Need to Properly Theorize the Category “@%!#*! Loonie”

It will make a nice pairing with his Metacriticism paper, the title of which is:

In Search of the Biblical Flintstones? Some Thoughts on Creationism, Academic Freedom, and Scholarly Obligation

Visit his blog to read the abstracts of the papers. Jim always comes up with great titles.

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  • R Vogel

    It was worth visiting the link to the Metacriticism paper just to discover the phrase ‘ceiling cat’…..

  • TomS

    Is any prospect of seeing whole “Flintstones” paper?

  • MattB

    Is Linville a mythicist?

  • Earthlings Make Me So Angry

    Matt, Do you mean do I think there was no such person remotely like a “historical” Jesus? I’m not really a New Testament person and don’t know the scholarship that well, but I think the simplest explanation for the origin of Christianity is that there was an itinerant preacher of some sort whose band of followers “kept the faith” after his death and then mythicized his life. Not sure what that makes me.

    TomS, the Flintstones paper isn’t written yet, and won’t be for some time.

    • MattB

      I guess that would make you a Historicist since you believe that Jesus is the founder of Christianity, and that his followers carried out his message after his death. I think what you’re saying is that you would disagree with him being God.

      Are you a scholar/historian?

  • James Dowden

    I always just assume that everyone else is going to assume that I’m a @%!#*! Loonie; that way, I won’t be disappointed.