5 Steps to Healthy Spirituality

I appreciate David Hayward’s cartoon which I’ve shared above. Of course, most people do indeed care as little about their food and what is in it as they do about the contents of the spiritual “food” they “ingest.” But those who’ve realized in any area of their lives the need to be discerning ought to see that that applies equally well across other aspects of their lives, including the spiritual and religious. Although the Bible has been used as a kind of sugar coating for all kinds of unhealthy things, in fact it actually includes a significant number of warnings about discernment and not merely believing anything one is told – which somehow people seem to be consistently willing to treat as though they are warnings about what others believe but not what they do.

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  • http://caveat1ector.wordpress.com/ Hydroxonium

    Nice! (I detect a hint of that Leo Stein quote towards the end haha.)

    Psalm 34:8 (CEB)
    8 Taste and see how good the Lord is!
    The one who takes refuge in him is truly happy!