Darwin’s Witnesses

Whether it is the Christian message or the advances of science, there is always good news and bad news that can be shared. Among science-denying religious people, there is a lot focus on what they consider the “bad news” in evolutionary biology. If you were an evangelist for mainstream science, what would you share as the good news about evolutionary biology since Darwin’s time?


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  • stewart

    That’s an odd question – it’s like asking what is the good news about nuclear physics, or condensed matter physics, or anatomy. In all cases more knowledge enhances our capabilties – but that is a two-edged sword. Nuclear physics, for example, has both military and medical applications, as well as its application in power generation.

    • Go_4_tli

      Can’t one say the same about the good news of the gospel? At root, it’s a “knowledge” about the relationship between God and humans, but people can use that “knowledge” for good or ill — to steer their life’s trajectory into something more sacrificial and noble, or to lead people around uncritically by having a set of ideas that they respond to viscerally out of a strong sense of devotion.

  • Go_4_tli

    The mechanism for heredity has been discovered. If we’re judicious, we can stop genetic diseases in their tracks.

  • Go_4_tli

    We now have better tools to prevent extinction, to determine what structures in animals are/were for, to find fossil fuels, to combat disease, to establish paternity, to manage our food sources for better yield, to make informed health policy decisions, to create *new forms of bacteria* to help clean up our biohazard mistakes, to identify reservoirs of disease, to predict the spread of disease, to identify unknown gene function, and to create countless algorithms and statistical techniques that will aid in all manner of disciplines in the creation of more effective materials and methods of analysis.

  • R Vogel

    You no longer have to believe silly fairy tales that make you look like 4 yr old!

    • MattB

      Like atheism. Atheism is a fairy tale.

      • Preston Garrison

        To be fair, it makes you look more like a sophomore. :)

        • MattB

          Haha what does? Atheism? Or my profile picture?

      • R Vogel

        I would imagine that would be quite the scathing retort if I considered myself an atheist…. Or not

  • Sean Garrigan

    More evidence that Darwinism really is religion after all.