Frozen as Metaphor for Academia

From PhD Comics via Marc Cortez. On a related note, I finally got to watch the movie Frozen on the plane back from Israel yesterday, and really enjoyed it.

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  • Gary

    Seeing this cartoon made me think of “Ivory Tower” for academia. Heard it plenty of times, but had no idea where it came from. So a quick check of wiki, and it said it came from the bible, Song of Solomon. So a quick check of Song if Solomon, and sure enough, it was there. However, the verse immediately preceding Tower of Ivory was “3Thy two breasts are like two fawns
    That are twins of a roe.
    4Thy neck is like the tower of ivory; ”

    So either wiki is wrong (impossible!), or linguistics sure has a funny way of deriving analogies to academia. The time I spent in college must have been a waste, because I can’t seem to relate verse 3 to the experience. But maybe that only happens if you get a PhD. So my conclusion, wiki is wrong.