The International SBL conference this summer will be in Vienna, and I’m going to be there for part of it. I’d be interested to know if any other scholars and students of Biblical studies whom I know will be there. If so, let me know!

The European Association of Biblical Studies meets jointly with the Society of Biblical Literature, and has a section on the Bible and Science Fiction. I’ll be honest that that is the main reason I’m going – to see what kinds of things are happening under the auspices of that program unit.

I had originally thought I’d be attending the SNTS conference in Szeged, Hungary, but the timing of the conference ended up not working for my own schedule, to my great disappointment.

But visiting Vienna may help make up for it. I’ve been through Vienna before, but have never had time to visit, and so this trip I’ll be seeking to rectify that. Some of the places that a fan of late 19th and early 20th century music ought to visit are obvious. But are there any less obvious ones that readers of this blog would recommend? And are there any places of specific interest to fans of the music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold?

And here’s an interesting Q&A with Billy Joel about why he called the above song “Vienna”:

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  • James Tabor

    James I will be there and I definitely look forward to meeting you and “hanging out.” So glad you are coming…

    • James F. McGrath

      Let’s make a point of chatting over coffee or some other beverage, if you can find the time!

  • Matthew Malcolm

    Hi James, I’ll be there too :-)

    • James F. McGrath

      I saw your name on the program – hope our paths cross, whether accidentally or because we arrange for them to do so! :-)

      • Matthew

        Yes, sounds good :-)