Where in the World is James McGrath?

Where in the World is James McGrath? June 30, 2014
I am traveling and I thought it would be more interesting to share photos and let you see if you can guess where I am. One of the photos contains a big clue if you spot it.


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  • Evan Hershman

    Romania? (I had to spot the clue and look it up on Wikipedia.)

    • I didn’t think I needed to specify “no Googling”… 🙂

      • As Googling is implicitly allowed everywhere else, I think you did need to specify it.

        • Fair enough. But since I hoped it would be a bit more challenging, let me add that the last photo is not actually in Brasov. I wonder if anyone can figure out where precisely the photo was taken, even with Google’s help. Let the games continue! 🙂

  • Brasov, Romania.

  • Just Sayin’

    Transylvania University.

  • Brașov, Romania !

    But now that I open the comments, I see I am late. I saw the name on the hill.

    But wait — only I used the correct script.

    I that Is the last pic part of the Poenari Castle of Vlad the Impaler? Near Tirgoviste.

    I too am traveling — couchsurfing with my daughter in Wales right now. A sculpture is putting us up now: Check out one of his pieces if you wish here in a photo with me:


    • You definitely get bonus points for the accents. The last photo is actually from Râșnov, which you can Google to find out more about it. I have another “Where in the world” post scheduled for later today…