A Saloon with High Standards

church saloon

The cartoon above was shared on the Internet Monk blog. It got me thinking. A church having an informal, conversational atmosphere, beverages, and even opportunities for karaoke seem to me to potentially be good things. Why can’t we combine that with high standards, not in the sense that we become rigid and dogmatic, but that we have a common commitment to personal integrity and social justice?

Would one good model for at least some churches be “a saloon with high standards”?



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  • Michael Wilson

    I’m not sure people that don’t like rules would like being harangued each Sunday about being more responsible and caring. On casual, I think every one should get an A for trying, but to be casual is to be concerned with ones own comfort while worship is to be concerned about someone else. Formality reminds people that they are there for the group and the cause and not themselves.