Bible Stats

A poster from Slingshot Publishing, which has a lot of familiar information, some problematic information (which ones can you spot?), but some things that are probably new to anyone who happens to read this. Is there anyone out there who already knew (or knew better than) all the details on this infographic?

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  • SelfAwarePatterns

    Interesting. The problematic ones that immediately jump out to me is the 66 books and 40 authors stats. 66 books are in the Protestant Bible, but Catholics and Orthodox recognize more. I suspect the 40 authors stat relies on traditional attributions rather than scholarly consensus. For instance, the Pentateuch is usually attributed to Moses but was likely written by at least four authors.

  • Ian

    Some oddities

    – We are told it is the Word of God approximately 2500 times. (!)
    – Paul wrote 13 (the note that Hebrew’s authorship is disputed !)
    – 40 Authors generally.
    – 66 Books (which canon?)
    – 10 commandments (which numbering scheme?)

    I’ve no idea about the facts, like whether it is the most shoplifted, or how many Gideon’s bibles have been placed. But from the ‘facts’ I do know, it seems like the authors weren’t very concerned with accuracy. Another of those cases where it would be good to be able to add a big [citation needed] marker!