This Argument Doesn’t Seem Quite Kosher

From The New Yorker


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  • D Rizdek

    And yet another “If he didn’t want us to [ ], why’d he [____ _____ _____].
    I like it.
    And the reverse psychology type…
    If God had intended men to cry, he would’ve given ’em tear ducts.

  • Brian P.

    Moments later…

    The pig starts squealing like it’s out of control. The owner starts chasing after it. The other man and the sheep watch in bewilderment. The pig is making terrifying screeches like never before heard.

    The pig runs over a cliff. He lands with a thudding splash followed by silence.

    The man runs to the cliff’s edge to look down. There are a number more dead pigs in the water.

    More owners approach the ridge line to look down.

    And then they look over and see a bearded guy dressed in white, pleasantly smiling.

    The owners head to town and get their friends to ask the bacon hater to be on his way.

    They get some boats to pull the pigs to shore so they can butcher them.

    The next town over a few days later nobody understands how two fish make so much delicious food.

    Disappointed, the pig owners are glad they can silently share what they do have and would otherwise go to waste. Chewing on BBQ ribs away from the rest of the crowd, they discuss the fallacy of the appeal to nature.

  • Alan Christensen

    This is akin to my argument against vegetarianism. If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

  • Nancy Hartley

    I don’t think God did not want us to eat meat. I think not eating meat is a personal choice. Possibly for health reasons as I choose.