Scripture is Not Alone

Kristen Rosser Sola Scriptura

 The fact is that “scriptura” by its very nature is a book that people read, so it cannot stand “sola” — alone and isolated from the humans who read it.  Every time we read the Bible, we are seeing it through the windows of our own experience, and understanding it according to our own reasoning. And this practically always encompasses at least some church tradition regarding how to understand the text.  So sola scriptura, instead of giving us an objective means for judging the legitimacy of church tradition, ends up merely giving us the illusion of objectivity, while we fail to notice or examine the church traditions and other underlying factors which affect the way we understand the Bible texts.

The quote comes from the post “Sola Scriptura?” on the blog Wordgazer’s Words.

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  • Jonathan Bernier

    Please proof text from scripture to support this understanding of scripture. Thank you. Please note that I might need to consider getting my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.

    • TomS

      Acts 8:30-31

  • Alan Christensen

    Look at how many denominations and sects all hold to sola scriptura. That by itself should show that the meaning of the Bible is not always self-evident. Plus the doctrine is not actually found in Scripture despite all of the supposed proof texts (such as II Tim. 3:16).

  • I’m honored to have my little blog noticed here. Thank you!

    • Thank you for writing what you did – you not only made a great point, but made it very clearly and quotably!