Crocoduck Discovered

It turns out that I was wrong and Kirk Cameron was right. Evolution should be able to produce a crocoduck.

And it did.

Hemant Mehta pointed out on his blog that a paleontologist Paul Sereno described the recently-rediscovered Spinosaurus aegyptiacus as “a chimera — half duck, half crocodile.” See Science magazine for more details.

And so I will admit it. I was wrong about the crocoduck – just as Kirk Cameron was wrong about evolution.





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  • Dan McClellan

    There was a whole episode of Dinosaur Train that featured the Spinosaurus and his life in the water catching fish. Here’s a clip:

  • David Evans

    Cameron made a mistake by choosing two such (relatively) close relatives. He would have been safer with a crocosquid. Or Octopussy.

    • mcquestion5000

      Come on! Everyone knows Octopussy exists. Roger Moore dealt with it years ago.

  • guest

    There are also fish-eating ducks like mergansers and the broad-snouted caiman which has a kind of ducky snout.

    Anatosuchus, discovered a while ago.
    But wait! Does this mean Jurassic park three was less than accurate? Although, their spinosaurus did go in the water…

    If evolution can produce a half duck/half beaver (platypus) then a crocoduck is no surprise.