Do Your Own “Research”

Open Parachute shared these three images, and I thought I’d pass them along, given their relevance to discussions we have here.

research jackpot

studies I cite in online debates

amateur opinion vs academic conspiracy

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Not Loving the Bible

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  • Perfect! I’ve been engaging in conversations on Topix Evolution Forum and frequently run into people who fit these images to a ‘T’.

    I have noticed an addition thing. Once you confront them and lay bare their opinions, they tend to get childishly abusive. It would be funny if they were so pathetic.

  • Of course, the first problem with this cartoon character is that he thinks Google links will represent good research at all (regardless of whether he chooses the first link that agrees with him). For most issues that invite popular controversy, the weight of the google links will reflect popular, amateur opinions – not research.

  • Jonathan Bernier

    The amateur-sourced/cover-up poster somehow does it the most for me. That’s what I heard growing up in YEC circles and it’s what I hear now from Mythers (a term I just coined for “mythicists,” to parallel “Truthers” and “Birthers”).