Mrs. Asherah Yahweh Tree Service

A Yahweh Tree Service

The picture above was taken by Ryan Bonfiglio and came to my attention via Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Fuller on Facebook. But what does it mean? Does the “A” stand for Asherah, in which case this tree service is caring for trees in the name of Mrs. A. Yahweh who was often represented by a tree herself? Or is this a company that cuts down Asherah trees in Yahweh’s name? Or something out?

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  • Chris Hays

    Be sure to give our fellow scholar Ryan Bonfiglio credit for taking the picture and starting the conversation! Funny stuff. –Chris Hays (from ANES@Fuller)

    • Thanks for the additional information! I’ll add it to the post!

  • alina pintoo

    it is a great resolution if we plant a tree every year it is
    simply a great thing to do and it is more beneficial than any other thing.

    Tree service in San Ramon

  • Yeah haha. An interesting name. Or maybe this was the plan in the first place. They’ve got free ads in social medias right?