ChriFSMas December 24, 2015

For those who find the parody religion Pastafarianism funny, you won’t want to miss the FSM nativity scenes that were recently shared. Here’s a sample:


Finally, a religion that gets what a manger is supposed to be for…

On a more serious note, see the survey data suggesting that most people are not offended when they are wished “happy holidays” or something similar.

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  • Erp

    Alas as usual Her Invisible Pinkness is ignored. Drink deeply from the tea she pours from the teapot acquired from a certain long lived philosopher and have a good holiday.

  • AliKat

    Instead of a manger, that should be a colander-just a subtle alteration of the scene and it would also contribute to supporting the Pastafarians’ tradition/right to wear colanders on their heads.