RIP I. Howard Marshall

HowardMarshallFrontI saw the news on Facebook that I. Howard Marshall has passed away. If you aren’t familiar with this famous Evangelical New Testament scholar, there are a number of his articles and other writings online on the website. See for instance his article on interpreting the Bible today, as well as his introduction to the volume he edited, New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Principles and Methods. The entire volume is on the aforementioned website, and also includes a chapter by James D. G. Dunn on “Demythologization” which I also highly recommend.

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  • The Eh’theist

    That’s sad to read. When I began looking beyond my Pentecostal theology, and encountering Reformed/Baptist thought on salvation, I came across Marshall’s book Kept By the Power of God on perseverance, and found it clear (much clearer than the explanations I was hearing from local people) with a good explanation of both positions, their significance to the Christian life and his understanding of the relevant Bible passages.

    While it was helpful for the initial problem, it also introduced me to a higher quality of explanation that impacted my later study of issues and how a believer could support a point of view while dealing fairly with the opposing view and presenting both sides as well as he possibly could.