Cities that Built the Bible

Bob Cargill’s latest book, The Cities That Built the Bible, is now available for pre-order. There is a website about the book, and you can pre-order it on Since it is now available, I thought I would share the full version of the blurb I provided to Harper Collins about the book:

In The Cities that Built the Bible, Bob Cargill looks not just at cities that are the focus within the Bible, but the cities that provided the context for the shaping of the Biblical texts themselves, developed the alphabet first used to write them, and witnessed their collection into the compilations we now have. Although the book is worth reading just for Cargill’s answer to the question “Where to Babylonians come from?” alone, the whole thing is woven through from start to finish with insightful scholarship, humor, and the warmth of his own personal experience.

Reading Cargill’s book is a chance to go on a tour from Italy all the way to Iraq with a guide who is both an expert in Biblical archaeology and a gifted teacher. On the journey, he will take you places you couldn’t otherwise go – under the ground, into a cistern, across a border, and into closely-guarded archives – to see things you’d never otherwise see, which in turn will allow you to see the Bible itself in new ways.

Whatever your current knowledge of or interest in the Bible, Cargill’s book will both educate and entertain you.

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