Geoffrey Burgon: Connecting the Church, Monty Python, Doctor Who, and More

In exploring the Naxos music database’s new releases, I discovered Geoffrey Burgon’s Requiem. Burgon is known for TV soundtracks (including Doctor Who) and film score work, such as on Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. I read the conference volume that looked at Jesus and Brian, but although the music was mentioned, no one seems to have focused attention on the fact that the composer, Geoffrey Burgon, had also composed sacred music.

I am planning to teach a course on the Bible and music in the near future, and so I am now considering focusing in on this interesting example of intersection between Biblical reception in Biblical parody and in sacred music. For instance, here is his Nunc Dimittis – which was also used as the end credits for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:


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