Choosing the Hymns

I really like this cartoon about hymns by Dave Walker. It mirrors my own experience in other non-Anglican church contexts as well, although the cardboard numbers are not an issue in other traditions. I’ve enjoyed introducing the congregation not only to new music in the strict sense, but also to old but unfamiliar music. And I enjoy writing music, precisely because, even though I am willing to sing and lead songs that don’t reflect my own theological outlook, I also want to be able to sing things that express the way I myself see things.

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  • Michael Pinecone

    That is pretty funny. I’ve been checking out some of his other stuff, it is great. It is making me laugh. I’ll definitely be sharing his stuff.

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I like singing things from my own perspective, too, but my hymn “Penal Substitution Has Gotten More Emphasis As An Atonement Theory Than It Really Should” never took off. I think it was the use of the word “penal” in a hymn.

  • Shiphrah99

    This reminds me – it’s my turn to choose the hymns for next month, so I’d better get cracking.