Y’all Version

Y’all have probably heard of the Bible app and website YouVersion. Well now John Dyer, a PhD candidate at the University of Durham, has made Y’all Version, which is not just for fun, but makes the important point that in the underlying languages from which the Bible is translated, the second person plural is clearly distinguished from the second person singular. In addition to the southern “y’all” the website also offers versions for New York City and Chicago with “youse guys,” the British “you lot,” and other possibilities. Here’s a sample below – click through to explore the site more!

Y'all version

HT Bryan Bibb on Facebook.

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  • David Evans

    That’s very interesting. I had no idea that “Yinz” was a thing. I’m not convinced by “Ye’s”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in print. The KJV uses “Your”.

    Also, I think the British “You lot” carries a sense of social equality. A soldier might say it to his comrades but not to his superiors in the command structure. I don’t know if the same is true of “You all” or “Y’all”.