Lager Biblical Theme

My favorite typo in a book about the Bible (noticed in an advance draft, and so it presumably won’t make it into the published version) is now a reference to a “lager biblical theme.” It should have said “larger biblical theme.” But since beer can be a biblical theme, either can work.

And of course, there are also beers on biblical themes, as well as references to beer in the Bible.

My second favorite typo in the same manuscript was the reference to the “glory of the angles.”

As the Deer Porter



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  • Shiphrah99

    Probably what the disciples drank while they were fishing last Sunday.

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    St. Paul Stout – “Now we see through a glass darkly.”

  • John MacDonald

    The best I could come up with is “This Beelzebub’s for you!” – which is a play on the Budweiser slogan “This Bud’s for you.” I’m usually better at wordplay lol

  • arcseconds