The Latest Cabinet Appointments

From Andy Marlette in today’s Indianapolis Star. In all seriousness, the recent appointments by president-elect Trump have me looking on the bright side of what most people I know are simpky viewing as a national if not a global catastrophe. It has long been characteristic of Americans to question the authority and insight of experts, on any subject from smoking’s link to cancer, to greenhouse gas emissions’ link to global warming. Maybe it will be productive to have a whole government with that pseudoskeptical attitude running things, if it messes things up so badly that the majority of Americans come to value what people with expertise have to contribute?

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  • I wish I could see the bright side. But if half the population voted for Trump in spite of (because of?) his racism, misogyny, unabashed lying, and boasts of sexual assault, I doubt those same voters will get who to blame when he “messes things up so badly”.

    • jh

      I remember Mitch McConnel blaming Obama for not explaining why the legislation that he vetoed (the one that let Americans sue the Saudi government) was bad for America.

      The conservative Christians with their republican allies have fostered a culture of anti-intellectualism and ignorance that revels in it’s “common sense” nonsense. These people will figure out a way to blame Obama, Hillary, liberals, and anyone else who doesn’t bow and behave like their slaves. The only silver lining I see is how Christians have tarnished their religion’s name. The more I see people who are ashamed of being described as Christian, the more I am happy. The more the conservative Christians push for their christian laws to be enacted, the more uglier they make themselves and their religion.