Do You Renounce Satan?

Reject Satan

From Bill Bramhall in the New York Daily News. It is symptomatic of the transformation of “faith” into mere assent to propositions, that all kinds of people have said, as part of a baptismal ceremony, that they renounce or reject Satan and all his works. And yet they seem to have given no thought whatsoever to what is involved in actually living in a way that rejects those works that are best described as diabolical, demonic, and devilish in character.

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  • jh

    Hasn’t this always been the case? When Christianity became incorporated into the Roman power structure, it turned into a series of propositions. This has been unchanged since that time. Your ruler converts to Protestantism, the people of that country become protestants. The following ruler is a Catholic. The people turn catholic. (Henry VIII & his daughter, Queen Mary). If you don’t practice what the rulers demand, you get burned at the stake. The religious people area little less violent now than they were in the past. Therefore, physical torture is out and Muslim bans and fake religious liberty protection laws are in.

    (Before that, it was just a cult full of losers who fell for that particular variant of “aliens at area 51” belief. )