Finding What We’re Looking For

When we bring presuppositions to scripture we find

A Facebook friend’s father said the above in a conversation with a young-earth creationist, and fortunately was willing for their words to be shared.

When we bring presuppositions to scripture we find what we look for. And those who claim they are literalists tend to do that. Creationists disrespect scripture when they seek to disprove reliable science which is based on tangible evidence they find in God’s created order.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    The unquestioned assumptions tell the whole story. It is an assumption that Genesis 1 is meant to be taken literally; Genesis 1 doesn’t actually say that, anywhere. It’s an assumption that “inerrant” means “literal.” It’s an assumption that the Bible is inerrant. It’s an assumption that “inspired” means all those things, just as it’s an assumption that “all Scripture” means the completed canon of the Bible.

    All of these assumptions come from outside the text.

  • arcseconds

    At the risk of stating the obvious, there’s no such thing as a presuppositionless reading of scripture, or of any text. Obviously at absolute minimum one needs to understand the language in which it is written, which already presumes some understanding of the culture the language is embedded in.

  • Are you saying death came before the fall…I suppose it would be better to examine what the supposed reliable science is first before paying homage to a quote with no context.

    It can also be a declaration of faith by the spirit, not just an assumption.

    But if your ‘rule’ is science is ‘inerrant’ then surely you can demonstrate that factually but I guess your speaking more in terms of forensic science & evolutionary dogma that is always changing as new scenarios come to light.

    I dont see how it can be claimed that young earth scientists disrespect Scripture…they are upholding it & pointing people to it that the Christ may be glorified.

    • Young-earth pseudoscience sets people up to lose their faith when they eventually discover that they have been lied to about both the Bible and science.

      Even treating the Genesis 2-3 story as though it were a historical account, it makes no sense to say that there was a tree which allowed those who eat its fruit to live forever, if there is no death anyway.

      • At this stage I see no lie being told, just an inference. Plus you are saying something doesnt make sense to you. That doesnt necessarily mean the Bible is wrong..

        Are you claiming death came before the fall & discrediting the words of the apostle Paul? Even Mr L Krauss claims to love a good mystery & that doesnt seem to have shaken his faith.