Stand Up For Jesus


It has been a while since I’ve shared one of David Hayward’s cartoons, and this one seems especially worthy of circulation and comment. Conservative Christians regularly fail to reflect on the possibility that, just as Jesus and his early followers caused divisions and faced oppositions in their Jewish context, so too it may be necessary for those who seek to follow Jesus to stand up to others within their own conservative Christian tradition.

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  • Chuck Johnson

    This is an old, old tradition in Christianity.
    The theological leaders do the interpreting and the talking, and the rank-and-file Christians do the listening and the obeying.

  • Tom Key

    I am still in “November 2016” shock. I will never be able to grasp how a single follower of Christ would vote for a twittering serial abomination who brands casinos that lose money. Rrrrr. I stand. May never sit again.