Economic Eschatology

The “end of the world” is typically good news for someone. In some dystopian scenarios, big corporations make enormous profits. And in some utopian scenarios, those same corporations get what’s coming to them.

What are your thoughts about this cartoon?

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  • Todd Anderson

    As long as it fuels the harvest I am in!

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    It’s almost not even a cartoon, when you think about the environmental and social ramifications of the pursuit of profits. I mean, doesn’t the vast majority of profit making come from taking without sustaining?

    • Michael Wilson

      The taker worries about sustaining, the takee about sustaining. A cheetah does not do any thing to sustain the gazelle. The gazelle is simply faster than the desires of the cheetah. The gazelle doesn’t sustain the grass, the grass just grows faster than a gazelle can eat it.

  • Daniel G. Johnson

    The Church is corporate.

    • myklc

      I’m not seeing the relevance of your comment to the topic.

      • Daniel G. Johnson

        “In some dystopian scenarios, big corporations make enormous profits. And in some utopian scenarios, those same corporations get what’s coming to them.”

        • myklc

          That was it?

  • charlesburchfield
  • Emyth

    How much did Hal Lindsey make off of “The Late Great Planet Earth”? And then Tim LeHaye & Co.’s “Left Behind” project…Novels (16)…Movies (4)…Computer games (4?) and who knows what other merchandise… Teeshirts and Flipflops perhaps? Ah yes… “T-shirts, books-on-tape, a radio-series, a board-game, and a very successful children’s book series “Left Behind: The Kids” which was marketed as a Christian version of “Goosebumps”…Hmmm…(12) proposed…but then prequels planned…and that was a while back…(OMG…Amazon lists 40 books today!)

    Christian Apocalypticism has long been used to “capture” the un-churched and to corral the faithful… I speak from experience as I was reared in the SDA Christian tradition, a denomination that is essentially an eschatological conspiracy theory… SDA “evangelism” still, as of last summer when I visited family and attended the opening night of a biblical outreach series, depends upon lurid stories of religious persecution and last minute endtime redemption…

    Christian End Times narratives are Big Business…

    • John MacDonald

      I imagine the apocalyptic nature of Jesus’ message had something to do with Jesus’ success.

      • John MacDonald

        And Paul’s: Jesus as the “first fruits” of the end times resurrection of souls.

  • Michael Wilson

    It reminds me of a conversation I over heard. A bunch of investors were excited by Trump’s massive spending increases and tax cuts because they would rake up so much of the dough dumped in the economy. No worries about instability caused by a man child in office or the debt load on tax payers. That’s somebody else’s problem.