Regenerating Doctor Who Times Two

Did_we_just_see_Peter_Capaldi_s_Doctor_Who_regeneration_I just had a wild thought about the final part of the season finale of Doctor Who. Some have speculated that the Doctor is dying, given that he couldn’t use regeneration energy to cure his own blindness. Perhaps he used his own regeneration energy to save Missy from the execution machine. And so he may believe that the end is near for him, and if he is to regenerate, he will need help.

What if he finds himself on Earth, in the midst of the events of the final episode featuring William Hartnell as the Doctor, “The Tenth Planet”? That is, after all, the first episode to feature the Mondasian Cybermen.

What if the first Doctor (presumably played by David Bradley) helps his future self regenerate – and that is why the first Doctor is weak and eventually regenerates in that episode? And of course, the last thing that the Doctor does before he regenerates in that episode is falls, and next week’s episode is called “The Doctor Falls.”

What do you think of my speculative idea?


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  • TrevorN

    Are posts in blogs about the intersection between prophecy and science fiction supposed to be treated as prophecy or as (science) fiction? After reading this one, I can’t decide.

  • Doctor

    Why is he regenerating in a snowy world at the beggining of the episode but we also see him regenerate in a forest in the trailer. So far, i’ve seen no one comment on that…

    • I assumed that we were glimpsing a sequence: He is dying and beginning to regenerate in one of the shots. He holds off, and returns to the TARDIS. He travels to the other place, where he actually regenerates. The sequence could be either way.