World Refugee Day Dinner

World Refugee Day dinner

The Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis Refugee and Immigrant Services organization is hosting a World Refugee Day Dinner. Click through for more details. World Refugee Day is actually June 20th, and the Exodus website has a lot of other information and resources related to that event.

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  • John MacDonald

    From the News article on the Catholic Archdiocese of Indiana site titled “Olympics star shares ‘gold medal’ moments that lead her to serve God and people in need:”

    “The team started losing a couple of games, and you would have thought the world was coming to an end. People were yelling at each other and all that,” Catchings recalled. “I remember driving down the street, and there was a billboard up there about this church having a revival. I ran back to the dorm and said, ‘Hey guys, I saw this billboard. We have to go to this church.’ “And the preacher talked about, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ He talked about having a relationship with your heavenly father. My mom and dad were divorced. One of my teammates had never seen her father. Another one hadn’t seen her father since third grade. We sat there that night, all four of us with tears coming down our faces. And at the end, the pastor said, ‘If anybody has lost their way and is looking for direction, I’m asking you to come.’ ” Catchings and her three teammates rushed to the front of the church. “We dedicated our lives to Christ. Talk about a gold medal moment.”

    Jesus: the one size fits all crutch who materializes in people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable to protect them from the existential fact that life isn’t fair. lol