Happy Mother’s Day!

As I was thinking about how to best wish readers of this blog a Happy Mother’s Day (since some of you are mothers, but all of you have or have had mothers), it struck me that there aren’t humorous biblical Mother’s Day cards the way there are for Valentine’s Day and other holidays. And so I thought I’d make one – inspired, as you can see, by the story of Moses. And then, having shared this one, I thought I should ask what other biblical Mother’s Day cards you can imagine there being. Please do share suggestions – you never know, I might just make something based on your idea, and might share it far and wide! But even if I don’t, the mental image you conjure up will almost certainly be appreciated!

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  • John MacDonald

    My mom is the best. I had a crappy father growing up, and as a result was a very shy child. I sort of identified my mom with Mary from John 2:3 when she reminds Jesus about the wedding guests needing wine because it reminded me of my mom’s efforts to get me to focus on friends.

    • The Mouse Avenger

      Awww… ^_^ You’re very lucky to have a mother as lovely as her. 🙂