The Only True Book Cover

One of the surprises waiting for me when I got back from SBL was that the cover design for my forthcoming book The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Contexthad been finished. Here’s what it is going to look like: The fireworks on the cover are not, to my knowledge, intended to [Read More…]

Sneaky Scam Spam

Most of the phishing attempts and scam e-mails I warn people about are not hard to spot as such. But here’s one that could just be mistaken for an authentic e-mail by someone who doesn’t look at it closely enough. The key for realizing this is an attempt to get your account info rather than [Read More…]

From Boston to the Blogosphere

I’ve been unable to blog much while I was away at the Society of Biblical Literature conference in Boston. Now that I’m back, there’s a lot to catch up on… First, some did manage to blog from (and about) SBL. Chris Heard provides a day by day account of his experiences on Saturday, Sunday and [Read More…]

Bibliobloggers in Boston

I have managed to get internet access here in Boston at the Society of Biblical Literature conference. I read my first paper yesterday, on Mark’s missing ending, and tomorrow I’ll read the second one on the Mandaeans. Tonight is the dinner for bibliobloggers, which Michael Holcomb has organized and which John Hobbins posted a reminder [Read More…]

Gil Shaham Receives 2008 Avery Fisher Award

Tonight’s Live From Lincoln Center featured violinist Gil Shaham offering a wonderful performance of some of the better and less well known works by Pablo de Sarasate. Among them my favorite was his arrangement of music from Ambroise Thomas’ opera Mignon, known to all Suzuki violinists for the Gavotte, which is featured (in a much [Read More…]

SBL Boston 2008

I will be attending the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Boston, beginning tomorrow, and whether I blog while there will depend on a number of technical issues beyond my control. Be that as it may, I look forward to interacting with a number of bloggers I “know” face to face for the first [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Bobby Loubser)

“In the Pauline letters much effort is taken to introduce Paul’s co-workers. The reason for this may be found in the fact that some of these were the messengers who not only had to deliver the letters but had to perform them, i.e. read them aloud, expanding on them where necessary. The performer had to [Read More…]

Book Meme

Ken Schenck tagged me with a meme that I’d been tagged with before, but I’ve decided to play along. I have to find p.123 in the nearest book, locate the 5th sentence, and then post the next 3 sentences after that. The nearest book is Bridget Gilfillan Upton, Hearing Mark’s Endings: Listening To Ancient Popular [Read More…]

Ecouragement to Study the Mandaeans

Gorgias Press has as its primary focus Syriac, and certainly there is a need for more scholarly attention to be focused there. Nevertheless, given my current interest in the Mandaeans, I thought I’d mention in particular that this too is a subject area covered by Gorgias Press. And here’s the good news Gorgias Press has [Read More…]

Bibliobloggers Bulletin Board at SBL

Chris Brady liked my suggestion that we put up a sign-up sheet for bibliobloggers on the message board at SBL, where each of us can provide our name and cell phone number, and that way we can all make contact easily. If you get there first, pin up a blank sheet in the “B” section [Read More…]