Revelation in Song

Those who focus on the doom and devastation in Revelation are prone to completely overlook the remarkable amount of singing in the book. Here’s a famous piece that uses words sung in the chapter we’re up to today in my class on Revelation: All the singing is a pointer to a major theme of [Read More…]

Ponderings on a Faith Journey…and on Dunn’s Latest Book

Bob Cornwall has a review of James D. G. Dunn’s book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus? over at his blog Ponderings on a Faith Journey. [Read more…]

The Human Faces of God is Available

Before someone corrects the disaccord between number and verb in the title of this post, I should clarify that I’m not saying that “the human faces of God are available” but rather than Thom Stark’s book, The Human Faces of God, is available from the publisher, Wipf and Stock. Thom’s book tackles Christian fundamentalism not [Read More…]

Translating the ‘Utras

I’ve posted an entry on the Mandaean Book of John translation project blog about a translation question. I hope that all readers – and particularly those interested in Aramaic, Gnosticism, translation, and the like – will pay a visit and help get some discussion started on the topic of how best to translate an important Mandaean [Read More…]

October Biblical Studies Carnival

Jonathan Robinson of the blog ξἐνος  has posted that he’ll be hosting this month’s Biblical studies carnival. And so as you read or write things that you think should be included, you can send them to him! [Read more…]

New Book by Larry Hurtado

Thanks to Tim Henderson for pointing out that Larry Hurtado has a new book out, God in New Testament Theology (Library of Biblical Theology). It is published by Abingdon Press. [Read more…]

The Curse of Revelation

I have a student in my course on the Book of Revelation this semester who is interested in investigating the background to the warning at the end of the book (Revelation 22:18-19) pronouncing curses on anyone who tampers with it. I am aware of funerary inscriptions and curses used in those sorts of contexts, but [Read More…]

Powerful Videos from Homosexual Christians

A lot of insightful, thoughtful and provocative blog posts and videos have appeared on blogs I read in the past day or so. Here are two videos featuring homosexual Christians speaking honestly and powerfully about their own life experiences. Arni Zachariassen shared this video from the “It Gets Better” series, made by Brite Divinity School [Read More…]

Don Quixote Old and New

The first almost 200 pages of Don Quixote is one of the readings for my course on “Faith, Doubt and Reason.” Here is some brand new and slightly older music on this theme: Richard Strauss Coldplay [Read more…]

Missadventures in Profreading, Episode 2

It seems that men and women have perspectives on sex that are more different than anyone previously realized. This is from today’s Indianapolis Star (the print edition; the online edition has corrected the typo): About 85 percent of men reported that their partner had an organism during their most recent sexual event. About 64 percent of [Read More…]