Oral Roberts’ Gay Grandson Says “It Gets Better”

Matthew Paul Turner shared this video from Oral Roberts’ gay grandson, telling not only his own story but a longer tale of family tragedy, writing a letter to his gay uncle who committed suicide. Yet it somehow manages to end with the message “it gets better.” Also to be mentioned is the story of Jim [Read More…]

Deane Galbraith to Host November Biblical Studies Carnival

Deane Galbraith will be hosting the November 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival at Religion Bulletin. No need to wait until the end of the month to submit your posts (although presumably you do still have to wait until after you’ve written them…) [Read more…]

Multitextuality and Orality

There’s a mention of a new book on the blog What’s New in Papyrology: Multitextuality in the Homeric Iliad: The Witness of Ptolemaic Papyri by Graeme D. Bird. The book’s focus relates to a topic that interests me and many other New Testament scholars and students, namely what it means to take seriously the oral composition and oral context of [Read More…]

Blogging the Soulfisher (and translating the fish)

The third installment in the series “Blogging the Soulfisher” has been posted on the Mandaean Book of John translation project blog. [Read more…]

Call for Papers, International SBL, London, July 4-8, 2011

Tommy Wasserman points out that the Call for Paper for the 2011 Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting is open online on the SBL web site. [Read more…]

October 2010 Biblioblog Top 50

Jeremy has posted the Top 50 list for the month of October. I came in at #3. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog! [Read more…]

Technology and Teaching Links

ProfHacker shares the latest Teaching Carnival (4.3), which includes an array of links related to pedagogy and technology. There’s a new blog dedicated to the use of technology to bridge global divides in education, New Testament Scholarship Worldwide (HT Tom Verenna). It features a number of familiar and famous names from the realm of New [Read More…]

A Blogger Dies, A Blog Lives On

The late Ken Pulliam appears to have written some blog posts in advance and scheduled them to appear, and so those who read his blog have the eerie experience of reading new posts from a blogger who is no longer with us. His latest asks “Did Adam and Eve have free will?” It mentions a [Read More…]

Music for Reformation Sunday

In addition to being Halloween, today is Reformation Sunday, and so this is perhaps the one day of the year when I have an excuse to share some Reformation music. Not music from the Reformation, but something both dated and up-to-date. The story of the Reformation explored through the genre of progressive rock. To fans [Read More…]

An Inadequate Testimony (From Ken Ham’s Perspective)

Ken Ham has chosen to respond once again to some things I’ve written, this time offering my very brief description of how I came to a personal faith as “a warning to the contemporary church.” If the disdain with which Ham uses words like “experience” is anything to go by, he probably has never had a life-changing [Read More…]