Does the Bible “Teach” Geocentrism?

Does the Bible “teach” geocentrism? I’m glad that Joel Watts is taking the time to argue the case that it does. But I’d like to suggest that that’s not the best way to phrase the question. The Biblical literature was entirely composed in contexts where geocentrism was accepted as true, and it is worth noting [Read More…]

Night of the Living Trekkies and Kingon Propaganda

Two Star Trek spoof videos, both via SF Signal: Night of the Living Trekkies Klingon Empire Propaganda Film [Read more…]

Theologians on God, Science and Mystery: Two Videos

Two videos were shared on blogs I read, neither of which I have time to watch right now, but both of which sound like they will be worth coming back to. So I’m posting them here both for your benefit and mine, as things for me to come back to later. First, there’s Wolfart Pannenberg [Read More…]

Geocentrism: Teach The Controversy

Phil Plait is among the latest to comment on the Geocentrism conference to be held in Indiana. In addition to explaining what is wrong with Geocentrism, Phil also included an image that I wanted to share (on the right). The image is available for T-shirts. If someone wants to buy me one, I’ll wear it [Read More…]

Background to a Biblical Idiom?

Has anyone ever suggested that the phrase “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day” in Revelation 1:10 might be a euphemism for “I fell asleep in church”? [Read more…]

Do Not Push

I often ask students, in the context of discussing Genesis 2-3, what they think would happen if, walking down the hall later that day, they saw a big red button that said “DO NOT PUSH!” Most felt sure that someone would push it at some point. We then talk about the depictions of human beings [Read More…]

Who’s Who In Collegiate Faculty

I have received e-mails from various “Who’s Who” publications in the past, and have warned about the danger of scams that offer to include your name in a printed book and give you a certificate in exchange for a sum of money, or in some cases simply disclosing information that can be used for marketing [Read More…]

Who Didn’t Participate in Don’t Burn a Qur’an Day?

As far as I know, around the globe the only two people/groups that did not participate in the “Don’t Burn A Qur’an Day” held this past weekend are the folks at Westboro Baptist Church (who’ll burn anything) and Alex Stewart in Brisbane, who is down to a pack a day and is apparently trying to [Read More…]

The Scariest Verses in the Qur’an

Tia Lynn at Abandon Image posted some really disturbing verses. Every Christian should read this post and reflect on the issues these troubling verses raise. [Read more…]

Don’t Burn a Qur’an Day in Review

Here’s the estimated number of people who participated in “Don’t Burn A Qur’an Day” (most of whom are still continuing to observe it): Somewhere in the vicinity of 6,865,942,376 people refrained from burning Qur’ans over the past 24 hours. This was a major global event! I brought a copy of the Qur’an with me to [Read More…]