Sad Ads – How Creationists are Getting their Message onto Science Blogs

It dismays me whenever I see a pseudoscientific young-earth creationist or intelligent design advertisement that has been added to a science blog because of shared keywords that suggest it might be of interest to the blog’s readership. For instance, this came up on a post on the primate family tree in the Google Reader feed: [Read More…]

Prophecy News Watch

A Facebook friend suggested that I might like Prophecy News Watch. I took a look, and found a discussion of why the United States seems not to have been mentioned in the Bible. Since it is (from their perspective) inconceivable that such an important world power would be overlooked or omitted, it must be an [Read More…]

Diglotting, Theology and Aliens

Diglotting has posted asking how much Christian theology might be affected by the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life. It’s something that I’ve blogged about here before, and since it is a topic that interests me, I thought it deserved a link! [Read more…]

Skepticism In Song

First, let me share this hilarious remake of a Gospel classic, giving it a philosophical agnostic twist (HT Luke Muehlhauser): And now, on a more serious note, a challenging video on how to make a difference in the world – including response to possible skeptical objections (HT Daniel Florian; the charity that produced it is [Read More…]

Plagiarism: The Motion Picture

This short movie about plagiarism, made by the University of Bergen in Norway, was shared on the Love of History blog. It is fantastic and I will show it to my freshman core students in the Fall. I wonder whether it would be worth dubbing the parts that are in Norwegian into English, or perhaps [Read More…]

I Am A Christian. I’m Sorry.

Find and Ye Shall Seek shared this powerful slam poem which begins with the words that are the title of this post: [Read more…]

Parthenogenesis in Song

There’s a piece of music which sounds fascinating (or should that be “sounds like it will sound fascinating”?). James Macmillan has set to music the story of a woman in the 1940s who may possibly have conceived without a male’s involvement. The piece is called “Parthenogenesis.” Read more about it at Duke Divinity School’s Theology Through [Read More…]

Arian Theology In Song

It is a historical fact that Arius popularized his theology by setting it to music. What may or may not be true is what a colleague told me today, namely that Arius’ most famous ditty was set to the tune of “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” The lyrics were as follows: “There was once when [Read More…]

How Diverse Can A Church Be?

When it comes to certain kinds of diversity, there is no limit. The church of which I am a member, Crooked Creek Baptist Church, has been racially integrated since it was founded. When it comes to other kinds of diversity, it seems that it may be a challenge to have any kind of integration at all. [Read More…]

Eugenie Scott Book Excerpt and Videos on Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design

The NCSE has shared another slew of resources on evolution and creationism by Eugenie Scott: There’s a chapter from the second edition of her book Evolution vs. Creationism, entitled “Science: Truth without Certainty.” There are also a large number of videos, including “What’s The Fuss About Intelligent Design?“ and an appearance on “Skepchick” (here’s a [Read More…]