Automating Arguments and Gamifying Learning

Jen McCreight mentions someone who developed an automated “argument bot” that finds statements counter to mainstream climate science on Twitter and responds to them with mainstream evidence, and asks when someone will make the same thing for evolutionary biology. I’ve long wondered when the day would come when we’ll program computers to argue about matters [Read More…]

The Skeptical Biochemist: Is There an Edge to Evolution?

There is a series at BioLogos by David Ussery engaging the claims of Michael Behe in his book The Edge of Evolution. I hadn’t linked to it before since the first three posts were largely introductory. But today’s fourth post in the series begins to engage the heart of the matter, and offers a lot [Read More…]

Blog vs. Print Reviews

Bill Caraher has kindly shared two reviews he wrote of the same book – one for his blog, one for publication in a traditional print format. He did this expressly to provide an opportunity to compare how scholars write for these two different venues and audiences. I was particularly struck by how he summarized his [Read More…]

Greek Books for Africa

A good friend of mine who teaches at St. John’s University in Tanzania mentioned a particular need that some readers of this blog may be able to help meet: We are still looking for some second hand books that some of you may have lying around from student days. If you have any copies of: [Read More…]

Literally the Apocalypse?

When we talk about “earthshaking” events and even “apocalyptic” ones without meaning either term literally. And so it is not inappropriate that interpreters have been asking whether ancient authors of apocalyptic literature, or who use imagery characteristic of such sources, meant everything they said literally. Two blog posts today touch on this topic: Daniel Kirk [Read More…]

Evaluating Web Sources

Greenflame shared a link to a page created by the Wabash Center, with useful materials on teaching students to critically evaluate web content. [Read more…]

Genesis, Death, Hate and History

While Ken Pulliam’s posts on Adam and Eve in Genesis continue to appear, Joel Watts addresses the issue of prooftexting to justify hatred and unkind behavior and James Bradford Pate shares four reactions to Ken’s passing. I think Ken would be glad to know that he is still provoking bloggers and blog readers to have important and meaningful [Read More…]

Maudlin Mary Magdalene?

Mark Goodacre pointed out that the latest SBL Teaching the Bible is available, and includes an article on Mary Magdalene by Jamie Clark-Soles. [Read more…]

Dale Allison, Minimalism and Mythicism

Loren Rosson reviews Dale Allison’s book Constructing Jesus. Here’s a quote from the conclusion of the review: Constructing Jesus pounds the last nail in the coffin of minimalism. I’ve often said that it’s better to be a mythicist than a minimalist — the former at least don’t pretend to be able to construct a historical [Read More…]

I Voted

[Read more…]