Labor Day Weekend Reflections on Christianity, Economics and Social Justice

A lively conversation has been taking place in the comments section of a recent post about what Christian or Judeo-Christian principles may be relevant to the approaches to economics and social justice in one’s nation. It seems like an appropriate conversation to have in the period leading up to Labor Day. The U.S. Secretary of Labor has [Read More…]

We Gotta Do Better Than This

I heard Natalie Grant’s song “Human” on the radio today (not for the first time), and then two articles about her appeared on the CNN religion blogs, one focused on her recent work to combat human trafficking, the other about her latest album. [Read more…]

Quote of the Day (Bob Cargill)

“The problem with American civil religion is that it reduces faith to a particular brand of nationalism, which is precisely the opposite of the message preached by Jesus and the prophets of the Hebrew Bible. By ignoring passages about social justice and community and highlighting appeals to individual liberties, Deuteronomistic theology, the Exodus, and conquest [Read More…]

Do All Things Without Moderation

As some of you have already noticed, I have turned comment moderation back off. The Internet terrorist who has been posring spam comments seems to want to force bloggers he disagrees with to moderate comments, presumably to hinder free discussion (with which comment moderation interferes). And giving in to what bullies want just encourages them [Read More…]

Kurt Atterberg on YouTube (and Cherada)

The site Cherada has a list of videos on YouTube featuring music of Swedish composer Kurt Atterberg. One of my favorite works by this favorite composer of mine is his Symphony No.3. Here’s the first movement: There’s a lot more there by Atterberg, and as you get towards the end of the list you’ll start [Read More…]

Biblioblog Rankings August 2010

Jeremy has posted the biblioblog Top 50 rankings for August 2010. [Read more…]

Sheffield Biblical Studies (Breaking Blog News!)

I’ve just learned that there is a new blog in town: Sheffield Biblical Studies. Here’s a description, from the first entry, which is dated to today: This blog will be a mix of news, events, book reviews and anything relating to biblical studies in general. There will be a range of contributors, including students, associated with [Read More…]

Zwinglified August 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival

Jim West has stepped into the gap and has taken it upon himself to provide what others have failed to: yet another Biblical Studies Carnival! [Read more…]

The Dangers of Fracking

Today’s New York Times included a letter to the editor entitled “More people need to learn about the dangers of ‘fracking’”. I wonder if I’m the only fan of Battlestar Galactica who read this and thought it was about a rather different topic (even if not spelled in the generally accepted fashion). Also, for the [Read More…]

iAnnotate (do you?): More thoughts on iPads, apps, ebooks and education

There are a lot of apps for iPads that are useful for educational purposes, some of which I’ve already mentioned before. Dropbox lets you get your documents from other computers to your iPad in a very convenient fashion and maintaining the same system of organization that you have elsewhere. It also lets you share documents [Read More…]