IPad Envy? (I Want My Tablet Piano)

I’m hoping to have a chance to take a closer look at an iPad soon. I really don’t find it particularly appealing at all compared to a Tablet PC. With one exception: the iPad has a piano app that looks really cool. A while ago I shared a video of Lang Lang playing “Flight of the [Read More…]

The Blogging Revolution: Biblioblogging at SBL

Having finalized the abstract for my invited presentation on blogging at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Atlanta, I want to share it with you. The alternative title I came up with was “Attack of the 50-Foot Blog that ate the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting,” but in the end I thought [Read More…]

God Has Been So Good/Bad To Me

This cartoon by NakedPastor touched on one of my pet peeves. It really bothers me when people talk about their good fortune in terms of God being good to them – with the implication that God has been not so good to the person who has not recovered from the illness, who was in an accident [Read More…]

May the Fourth be with you

As many of you know, today has been declared “Star Wars Day” because “May the Fourth” sounds like “May the Force.” So happy Star Wars Day to all who celebrate it – and to all who need no special day in order to celebrate Star Wars. [Read more…]

Alternatives to Flash?

I am participating this summer in a workshop on technology and teaching, and for some of what I am interested in exploring/creating, Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash would have been a natural tool to use to develop interactive material. But Apple seems to be refusing to make devices that support Flash, and even if that doesn’t impact the [Read More…]

RBL Review of Angelomorphic Pneumatology

My review of Bogdan Gabriel Bucur, Angelomorphic Pneumatology: Clement of Alexandria and Other Early Christian Witnesses (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2009) has just appeared in Review of Biblical Literature. [Read more…]

Quote of the Day (Bob Cargill)

“The worldwide flood described in Genesis 6-9 is not historical, but rather a combination of at least two flood stories, both of which descended from earlier Mesopotamian flood narratives. Note that this does not mean all of the claims made in the Bible are false (or true for that matter); I am dealing here only [Read More…]

Biblical Evidence that 50% of Homosexuals Will Be Raptured

Here’s another example of how a literal reading of the English Bible is relevant to the question of homosexuality and salvation, considered from a conservative Christian viewpoint. The King James Version of Luke 17:34-35 reads: I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and [Read More…]

Why Anti-Evolutionism Is Evil

From a Christian perspective, the sort of false teaching propagated by the likes of Ken Ham, as seen for instance in the video below (HT Unreasonable Faith), deserves to be called evil. Christians have a strong sense that they are supposed to be going against the flow, that they need to dare to be different, [Read More…]

Sexism in 2012

I wanted to mention it in my last post about 2012, but it seemed to be a separate issue and thus I decided to make it a separate post. But I feel like I have to say something about the fact that this movie, which adopts a stance as though it is forward-looking, embracing rational [Read More…]