How Diverse Can A Church Be?

When it comes to certain kinds of diversity, there is no limit. The church of which I am a member, Crooked Creek Baptist Church, has been racially integrated since it was founded. When it comes to other kinds of diversity, it seems that it may be a challenge to have any kind of integration at all. [Read More…]

Eugenie Scott Book Excerpt and Videos on Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design

The NCSE has shared another slew of resources on evolution and creationism by Eugenie Scott: There’s a chapter from the second edition of her book Evolution vs. Creationism, entitled “Science: Truth without Certainty.” There are also a large number of videos, including “What’s The Fuss About Intelligent Design?“ and an appearance on “Skepchick” (here’s a [Read More…]

Teacher and Students

I saw this on a colleague’s door today, and thought it deserved to be shared with a wider audience. It has been around a long time, but will still be new to some: Then Jesus took his disciples up on the mountain and gathered them ’round him. And he taught them, saying, “Blessed are the [Read More…]

The Clarity of Scripture and Christian Diversity

Otagosh shared this video of a funny song which transforms a traditional carol into “The Twelve Doctrines of Christmas.” The irony (presumably intentional) is that it starts with the doctrine of perspecuity – the teaching that Scripture is clear – and yet goes on to list doctrines about which Christians who agree in affirming the [Read More…]

Bibliobloggers’ Diverse Views on Early Christian Diversity

Blogger seems to be working again, and so I’m able to mention a few more posts that have appeared around the biblioblogosphere which continue to explore the theme of earliest Christian diversity. Mike Koke has two posts on diversity and Christian origins and the theological implications of diversity. April DeConick’s summer writing projects also relate [Read More…]

Picturing Early Christian Diversity

Several commenters as well as other bloggers have pointed out that the diagram of early Christian diversity which I shared (created by Darrell Pursiful) does not do justice to the complexity of intersections and overlaps in early Christianity. And so I thought I would try to find an image or diagram that does better justice [Read More…]

Diversity Diagrammed

As the discussion of diversity in earliest Christianity continues to spread through the biblioblogosphere, Darrell Pursiful has posted a diagram of how he (inspired by Raymond Brown) sees the diversity in the New Testament: Go to his blog, Dr. Platypus, for recommendations for further reading and to download a pdf version of the diagram. [Read more…]

Subversive Sequels in the Bible

I am grateful to the Jewish Publication Society for sending me a gratis review copy of Judy Klitsner’s book Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other (Philadelphia: JPS, 2009). The book’s introduction gives a good sense of the author’s approach: “As if aware of its own problematics, the Bible [Read More…]

Unity and Diversity in Early and Later Christianity

Michael Bird (also mentioned by Ari) discusses the book The Heresy of Orthodoxy: How Contemporary Culture’s Fascination with Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Michael Kruger. D. A. Carson’s endorsement of the volume is charming and worth quoting: “In the beginning was Diversity. And the Diversity was with [Read More…]

Everyone Is An Expert On The Bible

Steve Wiggins posted an entry on his blog entitled “Pulp Bible” which looks at the fact that so many people think themselves experts on the Bible, without ever having done more than read parts of it (and in some cases perhaps not even that). The post also contains a useful reflection on Ezekiel 25:17 as [Read More…]