Permission to Doubt

From The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus [Read more…]

September 2010 Biblioblog Rankings

Jeremy has posted the biblioblog rankings for September. [Read more…]

James D. G. Dunn chats with John Byron

On his blog The Biblical World, John Byron has posted a conversation with James D. G. Dunn. Take a look and read his retrospective thoughts on an incredibly productive and influential career in New Testament studies, and his prospective thoughts on where the field is heading in years to come. [Read more…]

The Value of the Liberal Arts

Consider this the “quote of the day.” It is from an article on the Liberal Arts in Inside Higher Ed by Richard A. Greenwald: “The liberal arts always situate graduates on the road for success. More Fortune 500 CEOs have had liberal arts B.A.s than professional degrees. The same is true of doctors and lawyers. [Read More…]

Old Spies

Isaiah Mustafa (the actor from the famous Old Spice commercials) made an appearance on Chuck this week. I find myself wondering why they didn’t make a commercial especially for the occasion: “Hello ladies. Look at your Buy More. Now look at mine. Now back at your Buy More now back at mine…” [Read more…]

September Biblical Studies Carnival

Steven Demmler hosts the September Biblical Studies Carnival at his blog You Can’t Mean That! [Read more…]

The Event: 4400 Lost Heroes?

I’m not sure that casting Zeljko Ivanek in his role on The Event was a good idea. It might have been obvious anyway that there are similarities with a key plot element on Heroes, but having the same actor playing such a similar role makes it seem that much less original. The ordinary human in a leadership position [Read More…]

Noah’s Lunches

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The Future of the Book

A colleague forwarded me this video on three directions the book is taking as a result of new technology: Whatever you think of the video, I hope you find it an exciting and encouraging alternative to the future described in the title of an article in Inside Higher Ed: “Book: buk n (obs.)” Also related [Read More…]

What Aliens are Currently Watching on Earth TV

HT Carmen Andres It is interesting to think that, if we continue to move increasingly towards cable and then internet as a means of distributing content, eventually phasing out the antenna broadcasts that leak our shows into space, some show currently on, if it continues long enough, might be the last TV show aliens pick up. [Read More…]