New Comments

The Disqus comments feature is now working. But the process of transferring older comments into the system will take longer, as I had to restart the process. But it seems to be working! Feel free to comment on this post and any subsequent ones for now, and hopefully comments on older posts will reappear soon. [Read more…]

Still Waiting

We’re still waiting for Disqus to finish the switch-over process. I’m still hoping this works. Presumably if you are reading this, then you are too. In the mean time, if you have something you really need to say, there’s always Facebook and Twitter… [Read more…]

Disqus Comments

At the recommendation of a number of other bloggers, I’m going to try transitioning to Disqus comments. (Apologies to anyone who saw my previous post about this in a reader and tried to click through to it, as I subsequently deleted it). Apparently the process of transferring over takes a little while, and so hopefully [Read More…]

Blog Design Changes

Those reading this blog from its URL may have noticed my tampering with the blog’s design, but readers subscribed to the RSS feed may not. Please do take a look at the blog directly and let me know what you think of the current format, and feel free to make suggestions (understanding that I’m under no [Read More…]

A Johannine Revolution in Historical Jesus Studies?

Paul N. Anderson has published an article at The Bible and Interpretation entitled “A Fourth Quest for Jesus…So What, and How So?” It argues for a rethinking of the way we pursue historical study of Jesus so as to include more of the evidence from the Gospel of John. As a participant in the “John, Jesus [Read More…]

End of this Season of (Blogging about) Doctor Who

Gabriel McKee has posted a round-up of this season of blogging about Doctor Who at Religion Dispatches, with links to all the entries. The final installment appeared here, and starts with my own contribution, entitled “The Big Bang, Take Two.”The title of the complete entry on the finale is “Rebooting the Universe: Doctor Who part [Read More…]

Share Buttons

Blogger is adding yet another new feature – share buttons added to the bottom of posts. I’ll be switching that feature on and see what happens. It doesn’t look like it has been activated yet, and when it is, I don’t know that such buttons will be added to older posts. But it is still yet another [Read More…]


I just saw the movie Creation, featuring Paul Bettany as an incredibly persuasive Charles Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as his wife Emma, as well as a host of other excellent actors. The movie is not focused on his famous theory, although it is inevitably there in the background and at the margins of the story [Read More…]

Sabaean Sadness

Thanks to Steve Caruso for pointing out that the Mandaeans were in the news today, in an article covering their dwindling numbers in Iraq as persecution leads to their increased scattering to other parts of the world. [Read more…]

The Culture of Christian Conservatism

There have been several posts in the blogosphere about conservative Christianity or the Religious Right. First, Art Boulet writes of the love of the fight in conservative circles. Here’s a sample: “i didn’t go to seminary so that i could get a ‘heresy hunter’ license and claim my spot among machen’s warrior children. i went [Read More…]