Biblical Evidence that 50% of Homosexuals Will Be Raptured

Here’s another example of how a literal reading of the English Bible is relevant to the question of homosexuality and salvation, considered from a conservative Christian viewpoint. The King James Version of Luke 17:34-35 reads: I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and [Read More…]

Why Anti-Evolutionism Is Evil

From a Christian perspective, the sort of false teaching propagated by the likes of Ken Ham, as seen for instance in the video below (HT Unreasonable Faith), deserves to be called evil. Christians have a strong sense that they are supposed to be going against the flow, that they need to dare to be different, [Read More…]

Sexism in 2012

I wanted to mention it in my last post about 2012, but it seemed to be a separate issue and thus I decided to make it a separate post. But I feel like I have to say something about the fact that this movie, which adopts a stance as though it is forward-looking, embracing rational [Read More…]

2012: Re-inverting an Ancient Epic

I just finished watching the movie 2012, which uses religious imagery and ideas in interesting ways. On the one hand, there is a strong anti-religious message. It is as though every time someone prays in the movie, their death is ensured to follow shortly thereafter. Now it may be fair to poke fun at those [Read More…]

Seitz Violin Concerto No. 5 3rd Movement

Some performers that will be familiar to you playing the 3rd movement of Seitz’ Violin Concerto No.5 from Suzuki book 4. [Read more…]

Grasping Mashi’ach And The Only True God

The blog Grasping Mashi’ach has posted a review of my book The Only True God. Take a look! [Read more…]

Virtual Choir performs Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque

I am a fan of Eric Whitacre’s choral music, and was pleasantly surprised when his name popped up on some blogs whose feeds I subscribe to. Both were highlighting a project in which people were encouraged to record themselves singing parts of his composition Lux Aurumque and post them online. Whitacre then compiled them into [Read More…]

Biblioblog Top 50 April 2010

The latest biblioblog Top 50 has been posted. [Read more…]

There Was Never Any Magic

I just saw the recent Sherlock Holmes movie [SPOILER ALERT], and was surprised to find it so full of Hebrew/Aramaic letters. I resisted the temptation to rewind and freeze each time to see if what was shown consistently spelled actual words. Movies take so much longer to watch when you do that. Sometimes there were genuine words (I glimpsed tsedek and shelemuth), [Read More…]

Mandaic Spoken Here (On Long Island)

The New York Times (HT Jim Davila) has a video about rare languages spoken in New York. One of them is Mandaic, that is, Neo-Mandaic, the modern spoken dialect. Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded. If Dakhil Shooshtary or any other Mandaeans living in the United States have in their possession copies of the Mandaean Book of [Read More…]