Semitic Language Excitement!

The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library purchased two items I recommended for acquisition, the Pimsleur Level III courses in Eastern Arabic and (modern) Hebrew. I was able to pick them up today. I’m eager to get back to working on them! At the Midwest SBL meeting, I only purchased one book: the revised Sokoloff Syriac [Read More…]

Superman Was A Methodist

GakuseiDon left a comment on an earlier post with a link to this fantastic, fascinating and apparently comprehensive list of the religious affiliations of superheroes. Plenty of fodder for discussion there! [Read more…]

Bultmann’s Theology on YouTube

Jim West pointed out this video of a talk about Rudolf Bultmann and his theology by David Fergusson: [Read more…]

Blogging the Midwest Society of Biblical Literature Conference

I didn’t, but other bloggers did. Brian Tucker spent so much time blogging the conference that I never even saw him. Nijay Gupta and Peter Bekins have also blogged about the conference. [Read more…]

Inspired Prophets and Lying Spirits

Today in my class on the Bible, we started the subject of “the Prophets.” Although we had already covered the “former prophets” aka the Deuteronomistic History, this was our first direct look at the phenomenon of prophecy. Since the student who presented addressed the subject of “false prophets” I shared with the class the story [Read More…]

The Annual Thomas H. Lake Lecture

I received an e-mail about this event and thought I would share it for those in Indianapolis and its vicinity who may find it interesting. The information below is from the web site of IUPUI’s Center on Philanthropy. Zakat in America: The Evolving Role of Islamic Charity in Community Cohesion Dr. Ingrid Mattson 5:00 – [Read More…]

Eisenbrauns Valentine Contest Winners

Those who have learned other languages know that one’s ability to understand what others have said or written often improves more quickly than one’s ability to find the right words and grammatical constructions to express one’s own thoughts. I thus think that the annual Eisenbraun’s contest to compose something in an ancient Near Eastern language [Read More…]

Martin Hengel on YouTube

Rob Bradshaw shared these videos of the late German New Testament scholar Martin Hengel, from a series called “The Christ Files.” I’m embedding the first – click through if you want more! Hengel is of course famous for his work on topics like Judaism and Hellenism, crucifixion, and Christology, and so I look forward to [Read More…]

Star Trek Fandom as Religious Phenomenon?

TheoFantastique has a post today on this topic, the question of Star Trek fandom as a religious phenomenon. [Read more…]

The Problem With Publishing On The Historical Jesus

In recent discussions about mythicism, it has sometimes been hinted that the academy is biased and it is impossible for mythicist views to get a fair hearing, much less get published. If I were asked for a single clear reason I find that hard to believe, my answer would be: Morton Smith. Smith published, among [Read More…]