Who is the Wisest? Jesus, Solomon or Pat Robertson? (Biblioblogging and the Haitian Earthquake)

Pat Robertson seems to think he is wiser than Jesus. While Jesus is depicted in both the Synoptics and John as questioning a simplistic link between “worst suffering” and “worst sinners,” Robertson claims for himself the authority to interpret plate tectonics and thus seems to claim a wisdom and insight (and perhaps even an authority) [Read More…]

Archaeological Find of the Century: Letter Written By King David

+Wrong is back, reporting an important archaeological discovery, perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of all time: a letter David wrote to his mother soon after killing the giant Goliath. Those with trouble identifying satire may wish to refrain from clicking on the link. Everyone else definitely should and will enjoy the post! [Read more…]

Star Wars A Cappella

There’s clearly going to be a lot of geeky humor this semester within and around my religion and science fiction class – and I’m not going to be responsible for all of it. For instance, I had the following video pointed out to me today: it is lyrics about Star Wars sung a cappella to [Read More…]

Knowledge Resources Online

Both Nijay Gupta and Roger Pearse pointed to a list of the Loeb Classical Library volumes which are available online for free. Doug Mangum gives an update on the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon inscription. Biology in Science Fiction joins in the discussion about religion and sci-fi. Richard Dawkins answers the common creationist question (which shows a [Read More…]

Khirbet Qeiyafa Website Updated

I just saw on the Biblicalist list-serv that the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon chronicle has been updated with new information and pictures. [Read more…]

Father Matthew on Biblical Inerrancy

Thanks to Jim Getz for introducing me to the following video from Father Matthew. It presents the argument against inerrancy from a Christian perspective in a clear and at times humorous way. It deserves to get a wide circulation. On a related note, Joseph Kelly continues his series explaining why he is not an inerrantist. [Read more…]

Cake or Death?

A student sent me a link to a video – it is an Eddie Izzard sketch on fundamentals of the Church of England, enacted and illustrated using Legos. And since I try to keep abreast of all developments at the intersection of religion and Legos, I thought I should share it. Historically, of course, the [Read More…]

Lincoln’s Commentary on the Gospel of John

I’m using Lincoln’s commentary on the Gospel of John (The Gospel According To Saint John (Black’s New Testament Commentary)) this semester. Some students are still waiting for their copies of the book to arrive, and it is at times like these that Google Books is extremely helpful. The first block of reading (pp.1-26) is on [Read More…]

Science and Creation: Resources by and for Lutherans

A recent issue of Lutheran Partners magazine offers a large number of articles relating to science and Christian faith, with particular focus on ways to integrate genuine science into preaching and other aspects of church life. [Read more…]


Today the third of the three classes I’m teaching this semester met for the first time. It’s an upper-level course on the Gospel of John, which most people know is a longstanding interest of mine. That’s not entirely unrelated to the fact that this is apparently “international de-lurking week.” If you are a lurker on [Read More…]