Unclear on the Concept?

I received an announcement today about a forthcoming 4-volume work entitled Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus. To be published by E. J. Brill, this work will range a whopping 3300 pages. On the one hand, even though I’m not a prophet, I predict that no matter how vast, broad, deep or detailed this [Read More…]

HANDS Across the Godhead?

I was interested to read a review at the blog Broadcast Depth of a book entitled Putting Jesus in His Place written by Robert M. Bowman and J. Ed Komoszewski. The topic is the deity of Christ, and it apparently takes an approach outlined with the acronym “HANDS”: Honors: Jesus shares the honors due to God. [Read More…]

Michael Zimmerman Has A Blog!

Those interested in issues related to creation/evolution will be excited to learn that Michael Zimmerman has begun blogging for the Huffington Post. Take a look! Michael also mentioned in an e-mail that there are new sermons on the Clergy Letter Project site. [Read more…]

Textbook Perplexity: Exploring vs. Understanding the Bible

I am trying to figure out why Stephen L. Harris has produced two very similar textbooks on the Bible, and what if anything makes one better than the other. As far as I can see at the moment, Exploring the Bible is conveniently divided into chapters that correspond closely to the number of times a [Read More…]

Pictures Worth and With A Thousand Words

I shared three unrelated links earlier, and now have three pictures from the blogosphere that struck me. First, this creative piece shared by Peter Rollins: The message (if you read the caption) is “Be Born Again” and it turns out to be “evangelistic” – apparently trying to attract business to a plastic surgeon! Next, the British Library’s [Read More…]

Somebody Up There Likes Us [a short story]

“So what is it that makes this case so unusual, doctor?” asked the captain of the Zog ship. “Well, you know this single-celled organism that we discovered? It appears to be ‘unwell’, and yet the exact cause of the ‘ailment’ is almost impossible to determine” replied the Zog expedition’s chief scientist. “Please, do explain further,”said [Read More…]

Three Unrelated Links

Judy Redman explores the distinction between provable, probable and true in historical investigation. Carmen Andres explores the seemingly similar offers of Jacob and the Smoke Monster on last night’s episode of LOST. And the Unofficial Biblioblog List has asked for those bibliobloggers who have papers accepted for next November’s SBL annual meeting in Atlanta to [Read More…]

Congratulations to Brent Hege for Winning a 2010 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise

Noticing that two blogs I subscribe to featured congratulations to winners of The 2010 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, I want to add my own voice and congratulate one of the winners, my friend and colleague Brent Hege. The award is for his book Faith at the Intersection of History and Experience: The Theology of [Read More…]

How Star Wars and The Matrix Should Have Ended

Wow, there really are a lot of these “How It Should Have Ended” cartoons, and all the ones I’ve seen so far are entertaining. There are ones for The Matrix, Avatar and Lord of the Rings. Here’s “How Star Wars Episode IV Should Have Ended”: And in case you’ve never seen it, here’s The Matrix [Read More…]


A friend of mine drew my attention to today’s comic at XKCD:  It is at the intersection of religion and science fiction, so I felt I had to share it. But I’m not sure I get it. Is this suggesting that the voice from the bush is…C3P0?! Is the idea that it was against his [Read More…]