Press Release About Appointment To Goodwin Chair

A press release has been posted on Butler University’s web site about my appointment to the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature, and so I thought I’d share it. [Read more…]

Biblical Studies Carnival XLX

Biblical Studies Carnival XLX has been posted at Abnormal Interests. [Read more…]

LOST Recaps

With the premiere of the final season of LOST scheduled for tomorrow night, there are lots of recaps and retrospectives being offered. DocArts has some videos recapping the show’s past narrated by Michael Emerson. And IO9 links to an interactive LOST timeline in the New York Times. The timeline not only helps untangle the twisted [Read More…]

Faith vs. Skepticism

Today in my religion and science fiction class we focused on the X-Files. The assigned reading was a chapter from The Philosophy of The X-Files which compares Mulder and Scully, and philosophers James and Clifford, on the topic of belief and its justification. At one point the choice between these approaches was summarized in what I [Read More…]

LOST Season 6 Glimpses/Spoilers

The fact that ABC has released preview clips that give an indication of things that happen in future episodes, some of which give away a lot, suggests to me that the things they haven’t given us a glimpse of must be even more exciting and impressive. If you want to remain spoiler free, don’t watch [Read More…]

Like a Real Life Smoke Monster

Tonight on PBS there was a documentary about the wildlife in the Danube Delta in Romania. I was particularly impressed with the footage of European Starlings flying as flocks or swarms that seemed to behave like a superorganism. I didn’t find online footage from that region, but there are some other videos on YouTube that [Read More…]

Conservative Bible Project Translation of Matthew 25:35

This isn’t from the Conservative Bible Project, but presumably when they see it they will want to use it: From the Perplexed Observer via Atheist Revolution. [Read more…]

Biblioblog Top 237

Jeremy has posted the Biblioblog Top 50 – in fact, a list of the top 237 biblioblogs – for this past month. [Read more…]

Almost LOST

The season premiere of the final season of LOST is only two days away. If you can’t wait, there are some clips available – but they really are spoilers, so if you’d rather not see them, then don’t! Presumably if Jack managed to prevent the plane ever crashing on the island, then presumably this season [Read More…]

American Movies, Arranged Marriages

There are two recent romantic comedies that explore a scenario that overlaps in involving two individuals, one of whom actually loathes the other, getting engaged or married without genuinely wanting to, only to find themselves actually falling in love with their fiance/wife. One is The Accidental Husband and the other is The Proposal. I find it [Read More…]